The Association of Professional Sales Agents operates a Code of Conduct to ensure that all members maintain the highest standards of business practice. The Code of Conduct is made up of 10 points and all APSA members signed up to the document when applying for APSA Membership...

  • Members of the Association undertake to behave ethically to other members, to Principals and customers.
  • Members of the Association undertake to serve their Principals to the best of their ability and to take all reasonable steps to improve their professional skills performance.
  • Members undertake to contribute in as positive a way as possible to promote the interests and reputation of the association.
  • Members will not approach a Principal during the currency of an agreement between that Principal and another member, or non-member, of the Association.
  • Members at all times should actively promote fellow members for any agency vacancies that arise.
  • Members approached by a Principal undertake to ascertain whether such a principal is under contract with a fellow member and will enter into no negotiations if this case, without the knowledge of the incumbent agent.
  • Members undertake not to criticise or otherwise denigrate fellow members.
  • Members undertake to inform other members of significant information coming into their possession which might harm or benefit those members’ businesses.
  • Members undertake to approach another member in the vent of an alleged breach of this Code by that Member, after which the member making the allegations may report it to the Association provided it is accompanied by hard facts and not supposition or hearsay.
  • A panel consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and one other member elected at the AGM, of failing that, appointed by the Executive Committee, shall be established with power to consider allegations of breaches of this Code and to take disciplinary action, including, ultimately, expulsion from the Association.

Download the APSA Code of Conduct